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Individual Career Trainings

If you want to improve yourself in your business life or give a new direction to your career, you can take advantage of Coorbiz Academy’s Individual Trainings. In our ongoing trainings, accompanied by our trainers, who have many years of professional experience in the fields of Sales, Managerial Development, Communication, Automotive and Finance, we host professionals who are in the position of senior managers and enable them to share their experiences.

Applications for training can be accepted after a preliminary examination. During the application periods, the applications of the candidates who want to receive education are examined by the Coorbiz Academy at the first stage. An online personality inventory test invitation is sent to eligible candidates in order to measure their suitability for the field of education they want to take. According to the field of education, candidates may be asked to conduct an online interview as well as general aptitude and general culture tests. Candidates who successfully pass all the steps are entitled to attend Coorbiz Academy trainings after completing the registration process.

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COVID-19 Information

We care about the health of our employees and students, and for this reason, we conduct all our meetings and trainings online.

Participation in Trainings

You can follow our trainings, which we open for individual participation from time to time, on our social media accounts. Please do not forget to follow our social media accounts in order not to miss our trainings.

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